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About 3ARK

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3ARK is committed to improving the comfort and energy efficiency of Australia’s buildings. 
We do this by:
  • Advising on how to design and build airtight buildings – so that air infiltration is controlled rather than unplanned air-leakage which affects comfort, air-quality, and requires greater consumption of energy to maintain desired air temperature due to loss of conditioned air.
  • Performing a verification test of the building envelope performance. i.e. a quantifiable figure to measure against best practice.
  • When the air-leakage is greater than planned, we can identify air-leakage locations so that remedial action can be taken
  • Assessment of existing homes using the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard which will enable you to obtain a star rating for your home which is an assessment of your home’s building shell and a representation of the running cost of the fixed appliances in your home. It will guide you to make home improvements efficiently and cost effectively.​

Although the Airtightness industry is very much in its infancy in Australia, 3ARK have worked with a variety of stakeholders including constructors, various industry groups, engineering firms and design teams, at various stages of the building life cycle, to air pressure test a diverse cross section of buildings in the commercial/private and government sectors.

We can also assist via:
  • Engagement as SME’s to advise teams on managing Airtight builds
  • Advice on Sealing methodology and correct use of specified sealing products
  • Provide budgetary pricing and estimates
  • Input to design scope by conducting baseline air- leakage testing and identification for Refurbishment/Retrofit projects
  • Collaboration on proposals
  • Demonstration of Airtightness testing to clients and project teams
  • Feedback on the practical impact of design to the building envelope and risk mitigation
  • Objective assessment of building envelope in client/builder dispute

3ARK – Additional Qualifications and Affiliations.

  • We work with clients and relevant project stakeholders to provide an integrated end-to-end assessment service and ensure clear and usable results.
  • We are accredited to perform Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessments
  • Our testers are qualified and experienced in Airtightness Testing and Thermography 
  • We are formally trained in using Retrotec fan door equipment and are certified Level 1 Thermographers.
  • We use specialised, high quality, state-of-the-art and calibrated test equipment.
  • Our testing is undertaken to key international standards.
  • We have extensive experience in driving large projects at a local and National level and working within large programs of work
  • We have current insurance policies for Workcover, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.
  • We have compliant Workplace Healthy & Safety Policy and practices.
  • Member of Green Building Council Australia.
  • Member of ATTMA
  • Member or Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Aus (AIVAA)
  • Member of Certified Infrared Thermographers Association
  • Member of Australian Professional Thermographer Association
  • Member of the Australian Passive House Association

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