3ARK Building Performance Assessments

Specialising in Energy Efficient build Verification

Providing Building Performance assessments to the Melbourne area, Geelong Area, Mornington Peninsula and Victoria.
Are you currently in design stage, undergone a new home build or major renovation?
  • Do you still experience drafts and low comfort levels at various part of the home?
  • Are your energy bills only slightly lower, or maybe even higher, in your newly rated 6-8 star home?
  • Is your builder avoiding to remediate the issues you are experiencing with your renovation/new build, as you cannot produce physical evidence to back up what you are experiencing?
You’re not alone. Many of our clients have personally experienced the ‘misnomer’ that renovating or building a new home to 6 star will actually perform well, just because the materials used are rated to 6 star.

A recent CSIRO study found that on average, almost 1 in every 2 homes tested were found to be 200% more ‘leaky’ than what is considered an efficient home. Poorly designed and constructed homes can cost 30-50% more to heat and cool. 

If your experience resembles any of these scenarios, then please call us on 
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Where can new builds & renovations go Wrong? – 3 Key issues. 

1. Inefficiencies/inadequacies with the design – lack of knowledge on designing for sustainable, energy efficient - and airtight buildings.

2. Air leaks/gaps in your building envelope – are often obscured in hard to reach places or by fixtures, plaster, cupboards or appliances. Without air pressure testing the home, these leaks may never be discovered.

3. Builders are not obliged to formally test the building – ie. verify ‘how well your renovation or new construction was put together’. Unlike many European and North American building codes, our current building codes do not require any defined standard or level of air tightness. ​​

Why choose 3ARK? – ‘A stitch in Time….’

We assess, quantify and diagnose issues with building performance
Unlike traditional building inspectors, we can assess and advise at design stage, or, assess, test and advise post build, for functionality and benefits you should expect from your home, when you spend hundreds of thousands on a major renovation, or a new build.

How we Help Clients – Verifying the performance of your home

During design stage, we can proactively review the plans/design of your new home or renovation and advise on issues, risks and design gaps relating to airtightness.
In addition, during build stage, we can assess the integrity of the building’s shell/ (envelope) sealing, through a combination of quantifiable testing methodology and diagnosing root causes of issues.
What we Do - Our Services

The table below lists the key services we may utilise to assist clients defining performance and comfort issues in their homes.
Not all services are required for a given situation, so please contact us for a no obligation discussion on 1300 360 673 regarding the issues you are currently experiencing and which of our services would best fit your needs.

Benefits & Description
Design and Plan Review
Review of plans during design stage and advise on issues, risks or gaps in the design which will limit the efficiency, sustainability and comfort levels in your future home.
Physical Inspection During Construction
At build stage, it is important to visually inspect the integrity/air tightness of the building envelope during framing, cabling/rough-in, post plaster and finishing stages.
Inspection of insulation - before linings are applied - is also carried out as part of this service. 
Physical Assessment post Construction
Post construction, clients can elect to have a Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessment performed on their home, or an inspection of specific items of concern. For instance, high energy usage, comfort issues related to draughts, difficulty with heating and cooling rooms in the house, water leaks etc.
Air Pressure Test/Blower Door Test
During build phase, we use this capability to quantifies how air tight or leaky your home is. The tighter the home, the lower your energy spend and the greater the comfort levels.
We use specialised, high quality, state-of-the-art and calibrated test equipment and software to create the air pressure and calculate the uncontrolled flow of air in the building.  (It is safe and non-intrusive. Please view the following video)
Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging helps us inspect insulation, areas of potential/suspected water and air leaks. We are formally trained and use state of the art Thermal Imaging equipment.
Air Leakage Identification
Identifies root cause of draughts, low comfort levels and high energy usage and highlight for remedial action.
We utilise a combination of air pressure, smoke tracer and thermal imaging techniques/technologies as part of this process.
Based on the clients' requirements and purpose, the output of our inspection and Testing can be compiled in a summary report for your records, or in a detailed formal report if you are seeking redress with your builder or for supporting evidence at VCAT.
You can utilise our advisory services at any stage of the build process to ensure that you get the desired outcome. Clients have utilised this service for the purpose of reviewing plans at design stage and for inspections during construction. Our advisory services have also been utilised for educating and training the builder and trade leads on ‘building an air tight homes’.